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Alan Landers is the former "Winston Man", now a spokesperson for the World Health Organization. He is also professional actor, model, and acting teacher. He appeared on billboards and in magazines holding Winston cigarettes and Tiparillo cigars, urging others to smoke. A smoker himself, he was expected to portray smoking as stylish, pleasurable and attractive. Never was he told that cigarettes could be

dangerous to anyone's health, including his own. Alan now understands the hazards of cigarettes and regrets promoting the lethal and addictive product. He is a two-time lung cancer survivor, having first been diagnosed in 1987 and undergoing surgery that year and again in 1993. The surgeries left him permanently disabled and with chronic shortness of breath. In 1997 he had double bypass heart surgery.

Alan now devotes himself to the fight against cancer and especially to urging young people not to smoke. He calls for tobacco products to be regulated as the addictive drugs they are and for tobacco companies to compensate their victims. Alan's testimony is in the Congressional Record. He is going to trial against the tobacco cartel in Palm Beach, FL in the very near future.

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